Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 12 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

 Well I just weighed myself and now it seems I'm at the same weight as yesterday!  I didn't gain or lose, but we will see what tomorrow brings. 269.5 lbs is still a 14 pound loss from where I started!
     I've been doing a lot of reading, and viewing, of information on marketing myself better.  It seems like everyone has an idea but most of them are just repeated ideas of others. Oh well, I'll just continue the way I have been and implement a few ideas on the road to whatever this is.
     Shaved my head dry today.  By that I mean that I used a pre-shave cream with no shaving cream.  It accually felt pretty good.  No pain at all.  It also felt like the razor was cutting the hairs cleaner and more evenly.  This might just become a regular thing for me.  Why buy shaving cream when all it does is makes a mess?
     I also did some homework today on biking locations.  Apparently New Westminster does not have a bike park or skateboard park. At least not on the sites I checked.  I did find a cool peer park that I will take everyone to in the morning.  It looks to be nice and long and also is bike friendly.
     I love the painting that I did today.  It's also a cartoon.  You can check it out on Twitpics tonight.  My two favorite characters are in it.  Duckie, and Frog.
     So tune in tomorrow when I have the cat help me to paint a picture!  Also check out the vid tomorrow when I take everyone along for the ride on the peer!

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