Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 16 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

Still at 269.5lbs.  Boy when I plateau I do it hard!  I'm gonna have to try and figure out whats going on.  I'm also very tired.  Wish I could have caffeine.  :)
     I've combined my exercises into an all in one now.  Not taking any days of one set or the other.  I'm just doing them all every day.  I've also added repetitions and weight.  I may have to add in more cardio soon, to compensate.
     Trent, and Christian are dropping in tonight so I'm banging out the challenges.  It seems like weekends are just going to be like this.  Chicken and rice for dinner, and then a movie of some sorts.
     I spent an hour and a half editing my wrestling footage, just to lose it due to lack of memory on the computer.  I have 4 gigs.  Damn.
     I was able to get my other two films up on You Tube though.  Yah.  I was in the zone for those ones.
     So I got a couple of shots of Trent and Christian tonight.  I will doctor them both up and use photo shop to alter them.  My art work today was to finish off my Digital zero logo.  I think it looks OK.  I'll probably change it up a few more times before I like it a lot.
     Almost sold the truck today too.  They nitpicked it a little but I'm sure they will contact me about it again.  It's a great truck.

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