Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 18 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

 BAM.  Tonnes of shit on the go today!  Exercised first thing and then accomplished my first 10 tasks.  My wife needed me to run around today, wrapping and sending gifts.  Bah what a hassle it is trying to find specific stores when you are in a new area.  The post office was very elusive.  I must have asked 10 people where one was, and then tracking down their leads.  People suck at giving directions.  Why is it when you ask someone where something is, that even if they don't know, they will still try and guide you?  I don't get it.
    Anyways I bought SILVER today.  Preparing for Dec 11th silver bomb.  Watch my You Tube video for all the info.  Isn't it better to be prepared than not?  Silver is at $30.00 an ounce right now and is projected by Max Kieser/Alex Jones/ and the web bot that it's going to sky rocket to $500.-$600.00 an ounce in the very near future.  With just 1 million people buying up 1 ounce they figure that JP Morgan will go bankrupt because they have propped up the economy with buyouts.
     Well I'm waiting on ken to call me back so I can go over there and learn some shit about Adobe and internet web sites.
     Well now that I'm back from kens, I know have a basis for Premiere editing.  I think I'm gonna need a You Tube help video as well though. :)  Thanks Ken

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