Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 22 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

     Loaded up my bike and headed for the Skateboard part today.  On the way I stopped at the comic book store that the old guy died at a couple of months ago.  The store has been vacant ever since, but I like to go by every other day to see whats going on with the inventory.  Guess what?  They where loading everything up into trucks today.  It's going to be a huge auction sale on Thursday, and guess who will be there.  That's right, I will! :)  Gonna go and cash in on some deals.  Oh Yah baby!
     Got over to the park and New Westminster really needs to fix it up a bit.  It was so wet and the water isn't draining from it.  Also all the graffiti everywhere makes the sides of the bowls super slick.  I almost died trying to get out of the one massive bowl.  I had to gain up speed from the inside edge and quickly ride as fast as I could to the other side and then up and out!  OMG  I tried this 4 times before finally getting out!
     My art project today was to make a picture of "30 things that I am thankful for"  There are now 22 days of thankfulness on it!  Only 8 days left to go!
     I think I'm going to celebrate Day 31 with some GOD AWFUL PIZZA I'm gonna make!  Oh yah!

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