Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 14 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

I woke up this morning a little bit conflicted.  I put out my second rant video and I was really having mixed feelings about it.  Is this a direction that I wanted to go into?  Could I make it big by posting these videos?  I decided ultimately that it's not really a direction that I want to be traveling in.  Yah they are easy to put out, yah they entertain a little.  But it's not the energy that I want to put out into the world.  So I dropped those videos this morning.  I'd rather everyone sees me as weird and funny and informative.  So this is the direction I'll be heading into.  For better or for worse.
     I must have been stressing about it because I gained a few pounds back.  Ack.  So now I'm at 269.5.  Still in the sixties but farther away from the fifties.  Looks like I'll really have to giver today.  It started raining but has since cleared a little.  I'm gonna film the bike ride video today no matter what.  If I have to wrap the camera up I will.
     I was messing with photo-shop today.  Hope Ken doesn't mind as I doctored his picture as well as mine and put it up on twit-pic.  I love photo-shop, so much fun to be had!
     So Jenn, Kenn, Deb, and myself all went to a Wrestling show tonight.  It was a Adam Firestorm memorial tribute show.  I've never seen Him wrestle but it seemed like he had a tonne of friends.  The show was kick ass, with only a few dry spots.  I got my picture taken with THA CREMATORY and some bumble bee guy I like to call the Waspinator.  Lots of fun to be had.  If you have never been to an independent wrestling show before, you should look one up in your area and see them.  I find they always put on a great show, with a LOT of heart.  Unlike the big promoters.

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