Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 20 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

 Getting a little sick of lamb! LOL  I shouldn't have bought a roast.  Making a roast all to yourself is no fun.  It's fun in the beginning, but later on, you start looking for other things to eat.
     My bike ride today was great.  Went down to the docks and searched for another silver dealer.  Once I located the dealer it turns out that he only deals in Rare coins and stamps.  He did direct me to J&M in the Metrotown Mall.  I'll be going there tomorrow.  He said they are fair priced and go with market value to the minute. :)
     I took pictures of Trains today, Sky Trains.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The sun was setting on the tracks in between two buildings.  I spent a good hour filming and taking pictures there.  I'll post one a day on twitpics for you guys.
     Well, I'm on day twenty of my 30 challenges a day for 30 days!  It feels great and also tiring.  This is not for the week at heart.  I'm so glad I'm in the home stretch.  Only 10 days left to go!

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