Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 15 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

  Today started out good.  I was up early and raring to go.  I think I was really tired from all of these challenges, and of doing them every day.  Once Jenn woke up, I pulled her back to bed and we had a great Nap together.  I think I got 3 of my challenges done and my weight recorded.  :(
     Once my wife kicked my butt out of bed, I decided I needed some fresh air and headed out on my bike.  The streets of New Westminster had a very vibrant energy about them today.  For good reason too, because they where having a Santa's Day parade.  Yippee.  So I rode the peers and got back in time to film the whole parade, and the lighting of the city Christmas tree.
     It was great being in the heart of downtown.  I talked to tonnes of people, who all wanted to know what I was filming and why.  They also really admired my bike and it's whole setup.  I'm loving it as well.      Rocky Mountain all the way boys.  One person I talked to was a wealth of information.  I found out that bike helmet laws are in force here, but the cops don't really care, as long as your not causing trouble or riding dangerously.  That's right, I was talking to a cop.  He was a great guy, and he also wants to be a mountain bike cop, I don't blame him.  You never have to worry about exercising if you ride bike all day as part of your job.  Also, what better way do you know, to really get to know the people, and help them out.  I would have hung out with him all night, but some distressed weird lady lost her family and he had to try and help her........even though I'm sure this lady didn't know her own name!
     I'd love to be a cop, Just for the stories!  I'd probably get to depressed with people though.  Cops should have an show about weird happening.  Not that lame show on t.v. that always busts crack heads.
     Anyways, On to editing the footage of yesterday and today.

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