Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 27 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

Yay, My truck still isn't here!  Hey don't judge me, I'm trying to stay positive about it!  Even though I'm positive that it still sucks! Lmao.  Called the cops today and good thing to because they had the police file number wrong!  What a bunch of douche bags.  Now to call insurance and let them know.  Now that thats done.....It's just time to wait around for outside info.  I did get some good news.  The police station receptionist said that 85% of vehicles are found within a week of being stolen.  So lets all cross our fingers!
     I was reading a story about people hired to be military trackers today.  It turns out that if you have long hair and are a tracker you are Awesome.  But if the military cuts your hair, you will suck at tracking.  It has something to do with sensory enhancement?  Weird huh, I thought so, and i talk about it in my head shave video today!
     Hanging out with Christian and Trent today!  We will be going to an Auction sale for a comic book store that got closed down.  I hope to find some good finds!  Wish me luck chicken ducks!
     Well, I had a fantastic time with Trent, and Christian.  I also bought two boxes of graphic novels and 6 small boxes of rare comics!  NICE!  I am stoked!  I'll go through them and such as time permits so stay tuned to find out what I got and what some of the Gems are worth!
     Anyways, I still gotta go play my Beta game to stay up with my challenges so see you guys tomorrow!

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