Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 8 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

Off to an eventful day!  I've exercised way more than my program called for.  I'm also trying to lose as much weight as I can in this 30 days as healthy as I can.  I went to a pharmacist yesterday and I asked what else I could be doing to lose weight, just for in case I plateau.  Pretty much other than the things I'm doing, she said to take Hydroxycut.  Well, that stuff has sodium, which is salt, and caffeine which they just don't call caffeine.  They call it Tea extract.  I'm not drinking caffeine for my challenge so this stuff is out.  And sodium puts water weight on, not what I'm looking for.
     I gotta speed through my challenges today as It's Date night tonight.  Gonna go and watch Mastermind.   Should be good as it's a cartoon and Will Farrel and Brad Pitt are in it!
     My bike ride today was Awesome!  Just saying if you haven't checked out Day #8 bridge ride then you are gonna miss out.  It wasn't raining so I got to take my cam with me outside, so I took full advantage of it.  :)
     My head is getting pretty cut up from Speed shaving, but whatever.  I'm a Self appointed WORLD RECORD holder in whole head speed shaving!  And I have Challenged YouTube to try and do better!  So now I gotta bring my A-GAME!  35.86 seconds isn't good enough.  I wanna be down to 10 seconds from the time the razor hits the head till it drops.  I'm not sure what to do once I achieve my goal, but I have some ideas kicken around up there in the old bald noggin.
     So I got my artwork done for the day.  With a little help from my buddy Tux and my wife I was able to set up an artistic photo of my cat taking a dump on the toilet.  I also did the graphic work on the bubble, and on the book cover.
     So almost time to edit today's footage and then out to the mall! yay

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