Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 3 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

     Today I woke up really sore from my waist down to my knees.  It was actually really hard to crouch, walk, and get up out of bed.  That alone made me very unmotivated.  So I had breakfast and wrote out a new daily activity sheet that is a template for the next 20 days.  Now all I have to do is put check marks down once I've completed a task.  This made me Happy, so all of a sudden I'm more motivated. 
     No coffee yet today and It's already 3:00p.m.  Yay, looks like I may be caffiene free for the next 27 days as well.  Lets wait and see though, headaches from lack of caffiene are killer.  So I changed up my daily routine of exercises a little due to my legs not wanting to co-operate.  Instead of Squats and pushups, I did bicep curls 20lbs X 30 and tricep lifts 35lbs X 30.  Oh yah did I mention that when I went to do my pushup my muscles where so sore that I just fell face into ground.  Yup, nothing like a little reality, and your muscles telling you that this is just not going to happen today.  Oh well. 
     I also added in stretching.  I hope jenn comes home with bananas tonight.  I think I need some potasium.  Did my house chores.  My vehicle work was a little diffferent today.  I called insurance companies and cancelled policies that we no longer need, and am getting claims experience letters sent to us.  Lots of phone work in regards to that. 
     I had a healthy lunch with no additives and painted a cool looking heart today.  I'm really getting into the filming aspect of this challenge.  I've been cutting stuff together, adding music, and experimenting with filming while ridding my bike down hills.  Kinda neat. 
     I'm also BETA testing a Video game that I'm not legaly allowed to mention.  What I will say though is that so far it is Awesome......Just like Me! 
     Today I'm thankfull for my little buddy "TUX" my cat!  I think he deserves a shower tonight.  Watch for the film of "WET KITTY"  Going bike riding and I'll update all "my many a media outlets" tonight! LMAO  <---can't believe I said that on film.  I'm so Canadian!

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