Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 2 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

       So, yesterday was a tough day.  I got all 30 of my challenges done, Yay me!  I didn't go to bed until 2 in the morning, and I only got one video out on Youtube.  I was hoping to get all my videos of the day out but editing any more, would have made today not happen, or having videos of very low quality. 
       Today I was up at 8:00 and with only 6 hrs of sleep I was feeling pretty exhausted.  Started out with editing my 30 day challenge list, so that it could be done more effitiently.  Took my vitamins and set off to Tim hortons for a coffee.  My coffee was an extra large 2 cream 1 sugar.  normally I get a 3c2s so it's an improvement. I will slowly wean myself from coffee, as headaches will kill my creativity if I stop cold turkey. 
       Anyways, I got home and jumped into filming my exercise routine.  Just short clips that I can cut together later.  No one really wants to sit and watch an hour of me working out do they? I didn't think so!  Then I shaved my head again, and filmed it.  Sometimes setting up the camera for a short shot takes way more time than the event.  Then I painted a picture of a "30" done artistically.  Some house cleaning and garbage removal.  Cleaned out the truck a little more, and set out some nuts for a squerrel that I'm trying to befriend. 
       Went for my Adventuring/bike ride, got some Awsome footage and talked to 3 people while out and about today, smiled and said hello to 3 others.  I took an artistic photo today of a fire hydrant.  I listened to some self help audio and played away on my bongo. haha, the word Bongo sounds funny when spoken slowly over and over again. :) 
       I then Meditated and thought about a word my uncle made up. "Deep 'etude".  What "Deep 'etude" means to me. It means Deep Attitude! not in a bad attitude way but in a "positive, energetic attitude way!  Thats deep! 
       So we went grocery shopping for "healthy food" today and I've come to the conclusion that if it says organic on the's more expensive.  Eggs for example are an organic food that comes from an organic animal. So why is it that the carton labeled organic is $2.00 more than the non-organic, which is organic?  I know, I know, the organic chickens eat organic food.  So my question then becomes....What do non organic chickens eat? metal, wood, plastic. Hmmm.    So anyways now I'm going to be intimate with my wifes feet, beta-test a video game, then update all my blogs/tweets/facebook/youtube, and edit some videos!  Later masturbator! :)

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