Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 5 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

 So I lost ANOTHER 2 pounds! No pop/salt is probably taking a lot of the water weight off.  I've also been taking a few vitamins every day like vitamin B, D, a multi-vitamin and something else.  I've also got a secret weapon that I'm taking and you'd be surprised to find out what it is.  Mix that in with some key exercises and a bunch of mountain biking and the pounds are just dropping off.
     I went for a drive today and got another shot of a fire hydrant.  I'm not sure why I like to take pictures of them other than I think they look funny.  I also doctored one up today in photo shop so I hope you guys like it.  I'll take an interesting pic of my food today as well.  Check out my twitpic account for those pictures. 3-4 new pics every day!
     On a side note, I'm still trying to find out whats going on with a local comic book store.  The owner passed away and I'd really like to get a hold of some of the inventory.  I'm a big comic book fan if you didn't already know.  The only thing that I know is that the building has been unopened for over a month and probably closer to two months.  The inventory is just sitting there and the lawyers and accountants are working on it.  So I guess we will see.  Rumor is that the kids don't want to do anything with the I'm thinking liquidation sale! :)
     Jenns going running tonight, So I'm going along on my bike, and we'll see if I can get some ass shots.......of me riding my bike.  Dirty monkeys, you thought I'd take ass shots of my wife......well I probably will but that's for my own use!  Don't even ask, It won't happen, not in a million years, not for a million dollars........OK a million would be fine but the cloths stay on! HA!
     I'm really enjoying myself with this project.  I'm editing videos now, and slicing and dicing music to go along with them.  I'm also adding captions to my new videos that I think are pretty funny.  So if you haven't checked them out yet.  Have fun and leave me a comment on other things I should be doing!   My grandma says "go and subscribe or I'll send you pictures of mikes ass"

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