Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 7 of my 30 day challenge 900N30

     So today I spent most of it working on my truck.  Cleaning every nook and cranny and door jamb.  It took most of my day because I had to go to the hundred dollar store. (Wal-Mart)  I call it the hundred dollar store because every time we go there, it's a hundred bucks! lol  The truck is spick and span, running great, and i took video and pictures of it so I can post some adds. :)
     Exercising is getting better. and I lost more weight yet again.  I didn't think I would due to the Vodka consumption last night.  I like a few sips here and there once every 5-6 months.  But I think vodka turns straight, into sugar in the blood.  Tomorrow may not be so good.  I worked out extra hard today though to make up for it.
     My painting today is AWESOME yet again.  today I painted a mushroom for my wife as a gift.  She likes my mushrooms! :)
     Short post today. watch my youtube video for more info about how my week went overall.

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